In version 1.5.146 there has been a SSD firmware update implemented into the Gemini, It is recommended that ALL Gemini users update their SSD’s with this update. Since with this update there has been great improvements to SSD performance, and overall reliability.

Safe Eject

What is Safe Eject?

Safe eject is a method of recording all the files to the SSD’s, but not completing the file system till “Safe Eject” is selected on the Gemini.

What is the Advantage of Safe Eject?
Safe Eject allows the Gemini to decrease file closing times from previously many seconds, depending on the length of clip, to now always being one second.

This recording method requires the user to “Safe Eject” their drives only when they are ready to copy the data off the SSD’s. Also note that if you forget to safe eject, the files will not be harmed, but you will not be able to access them from a computer, till this is complete.

This recording method also allows the Gemini to recover files in the event that power is lost during recording, or if a SSD is accidentally removed.

Keep in mind with this functionality this does not a guarantee that there will not be missing files, or the SSD’s, or the SSD’s cannot be damaged, if removed when they are being written to.

How do I use Safe Eject?

Simply record file’s as you always have before, and when the SSD’s are full, or when you are ready to copy the files off to a computer select “Safe Eject” note safe eject typically takes around one second per clip, and when the SSD is ready to remove the SSD LED will turn off.

When I Power off the camera between takes do I need to safe eject?

No, Safe eject should only be used when you are ready to copy the files off to a computer, it is ideal to power off the camera and Gemini, then power back up and continue recording.

I Selected Safe Eject, but wanted to continue to record...

You can simply reinsert the SSD’s and continue recording, after they have been safe ejected, note this is not recommended. Ideally you should save eject SSD’s, copy files off, then format SSD’s in the Gemini. Now you are ready to record again.

I have read and understand the SSD Safe Eject Feature.