SSD Firmware Updates

In version 1.5.146 there has been a SSD firmware update implemented into the Gemini, It is recommended that ALL Gemini users update their SSD’s with this update. Since with this update there has been great improvements to SSD performance, and overall reliability.

How do I update my SSD’s Firmware?

The Gemini will auto detect if a SSD needs the update or is currently up to date. If it detects a SSD that needs to be updated, then you will see a prompt notifying you about the SSD update, simply press ok. The update procedure, take less than a minute, and after which you can check the firmware version by checking touching the SSD info buttons. then select smart status.

The Latest firmware for Gemini 4:4:4 SSD should read “O4OH”

I have read and understand the SSD Firmware Update.

By Clicking you will activate the Firmware .zip download.