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A production studio in the palm of your hand
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The industry's best professional monitor/recorder
RAW Capable
Apple ProRes Recording
4K HDMI/6G-SDI Support
Four 1080p Streams
Live Switch/Record
4K HDMI/6G-SDI Support

A production studio
in the palm of your hand.

The industry's best
professional monitor/recorder

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More Info



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  • SSD Media

    New Lower Prices on Odyssey SSDs
    Convergent Design has drastically reduced prices on all three models of Odyssey SSDs for Odyssey monitor/recorders. All Odyssey SSDs are fully warrantied by Convergent Design to perform in all recording modes on all Odyssey monitor/recorders.
    Samsung SSDs Now Qualified
    After extensive testing, Convergent Design has now qualified five models of Samsung SSDs for use in all Odyssey 7.7” monitor/recorders once upgraded with the 2015.07 free firmware update. Qualified third-party media includes:

    Samsung 850 PRO 128GB (MZ-7KE128)
    Samsung 850 PRO 256GB (MZ-7KE256)
    Samsung 850 PRO 512GB (MZ-7KE512)
    Samsung 850 PRO 1TB (MZ-7KE1T0)

  • Take Your Camera to the Next Level!
    The Odyssey RAW Bundle includes all RAW Record Options for the Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q combined into one powerful and affordable bundle; $995 one-time upgrade fee includes all RAW recording features now and free upgrades in the future.

    Sony FS7 & FS700 RAW

    Canon C500/C300mkII Cinema RAW



    Odyssey RAW Bundle Info
    Buy Odyssey RAW Bundle
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  • I just had to let you know how thrilled I am with my new Odyssey....the ease operation is uncanny.It’s all right there. And what a picture! If I only used it as a monitor it would have been money well spent, but the features, the readouts, the operational ergonomics is stellar.

    Allen Facemire - DP
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