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Odyssey and Apollo OLED Monitor Calibration

Every Odyssey 7Q+ and Apollo OLED monitor ships properly color calibrated. This is an extremely accurate color calibration. Note that three separate, precise color calibrations are built-in, one for overall screen brightness setting of “Low”, one for “Medium” and one for “High”.


With this in mind if you would like to modify the factory calibration, to match your current “Standard”, you may do so. It is relatively common for various organizations to have a specific monitor that they use as their “Reference” and adjust all of their other monitors to this one monitor.

No special software or hardware is required, if you wish to make color adjustments “By Eye”. You may also use certain external color calibration systems.

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Half Price Raw, $495 for a Limited Time

Odyssey and Apollo Upgrades

Convergent Design’s Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q offer the industry's most comprehensive RAW support. Only the Odyssey RAW Bundle offers RAW support for more than 5 camera manufacturers (including ARRI, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, IO Industries, and IndieCam) and over 10 camera models, making it the most versatile and affordable solution for professional use. With an average free firmware update every 2.5 months since shipping in January 2014, both the Odyssey and the RAW Bundle have seen a multitude of free features and additional support.

When you choose the Odyssey for your RAW workflow
you are getting three years of industry-proven stability
and unrivaled value.

It is with this commitment to excellence we can confirm that we are devoted to the Odyssey and the RAW Bundle support and will not be announcing a product to supersede it at NAB 2017. In fact, the Odyssey RAW Bundle will continue to see free updates over the following months.

For a limited time Convergent Design will offer promotional pricing of $495 for the Odyssey Raw Bundle. That’s $500 off our most comprehensive upgrade option, including:


Unleash the slow-motion and burst capabilities of your camera. Record HFR footage as 2K RAW or HD Apple ProRes.

Capture your camera's RAW output directly as Cinema DNG, ARRIRAW (.ARI), or Canon Raw (.RMF) for the best possible image quality.

When a RAW workflow is data-intensive and time consuming, chose this option to record as an edit-ready ProRes file, saving time and media storage.

Record two simultaneous HD signals as perfectly synched Apple ProRes ISO files, uniquely available with Odyssey+Raw Bundle.

*Please see our website for full details on HFR support. RAW Bundle support for this feature depends on the camera’s functionality and performance capability when output as Raw. Support differs by camera. HFR Support includes; Sony FS700/FS7(and mkII) with XDCA Extension/FS5 2K Raw 240p, 120p, 4K60p, and burst mode; Canon C500 4K 60p, Half Raw 120p, 2K 60p, HD 60p, C300mkII 4K 30p. This promotional offer ends 15 April 2017.

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Feature Highlight: Spot Meter

One of the many advanced image analysis tools built into every Odyssey and Apollo is the Spot Meter, ideal for spot checking and camera matching.

The Spot Meter is an advanced, very easy to use tool for checking levels within video images. You have the ability to precisely verify colors in a given image, check your shadow and highlight areas, and even match cameras for multi-camera shoots. This is a very specific tool that allows you to meter down to one specific pixel, or average an area of 64 or 256 pixels. Spot Meter can be set to display IRE values, 8 Bit or 10 bit values, as desired.

By simply tapping a point on the Odyssey or Apollo OLED panel, you can access this information, and even use it to compare more than one input on the unit. Most importantly, there is no need to walk into the scene to take a reading!

IMG 5847

Spot Meter is extremely useful when:

    The “Compare Two” mode is especially helpful. In this mode, you have two spots to use, and a chart with details for each spot, as well as two Color Swatches. These allow you to instantly check to see if the two spots are evenly lit, and if the colors are precisely the same, which is very important for commercials.

    One of the greatest advantages of the spot meter is the ability to check luminance across an entire image, which makes checking a chroma key image very easy.

    Using an Odyssey7Q, Odyssey7Q+ or Apollo, one can check up to four cameras while in Multi-Stream Monitoring mode, or in Multi-Stream Recording mode using the Apollo or Apollo Option. The Odyssey7Q and Odyssey7Q+ allows you to view two camera sources simultaneously in many recording modes.
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Feature Highlight: LUT Routing

What is a LUT?

A LUT is a “Look Up Table” and can be used in many ways, including changing the color or brightness of a video image, and to convert from a Log image to another type, such as a Rec. 709 image.

Throughout the world, the color standard used for broadcast is “Recommendation 709”, commonly known as “Rec. 709”. But, Rec. 709 has a limited dynamic range, just over 6 stops. Most modern cameras can record higher dynamic range, far greater that 6 stops. For film work, this higher dynamic range needs to be preserved, and the image may be recorded using a Logarithmic encoding scheme, thus the term “Log” footage.

Log images are low in contrast (typically) and can look “milky”.  A “Log to Rec.709” LUT may be used to create normal Rec. 709 image with normal contrast for monitoring while recording the higher dynamic range images for post. In many cases, a Director of Photography or Cinematographer will create a special “look” for a project. This “Look” may be one with highly saturated colors or dark images for another type of project.  Custom 3D LUT’s may be used to create above “looks”, as well as may other types of “looks”.

The Odyssey7Q, Odyssey7Q+ and Apollo allow you to use the 25 Preset LUT’s that we provide, while providing you with the ability to load approximately 140 more custom 3D LUT’s for use as needed.

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New Low Price on Titan HD Extract for Apollo and Odyssey

New Low Price on Titan HD Extract for Apollo and Odyssey

We're pleased to announce that effective 25-January-2017 we are lowering the price on our Titan HD Extract Upgrade for Apollo and Odyssey.

The new price will be $795USD and remains available from this website as an upgrade option for Odyssey7Q, Odyssey7Q+ and Apollo. A simple activation key unlocks multi-cam creation from a single 4K/UHD camera.

Titan HD Extract...

  • Allows a single operator to do multi-camera production, including live switching, from a single device with a single camera.
  • Eliminates the need for cropping, transcoding and downscaling in post production.
  • Makes your clients happy by reducing cost and turnaround time.

We hope this price decrease further illustrates our commitment to providing our customers with outstanding value and high quality production tools at competitive prices.

Learn more about Titan HD Extract...

"Titan is Amaaaazing! I love the option for Proxies now as well. You guys are awesome! I can definitely use Titan HD Extract for all my interviews. This is a Game Changer."

- Ken Guanga, Bay Tiger Productions

We appreciate your support of Convergent Design and look forward to serving you in the future.

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Only Apollo Can Deliver Portable Four Camera Video Assist...


Simultaneously record four cameras from a tablet-sized portable device. View as a quad-split and readily switch between them, even in playback.


Move better, setup faster and work smarter. With four HD video inputs, Apollo is a complete Video Assist system that eliminates multiple recorders, switchers and other gear on set. View four cameras simultaneously or switch between them in perfect sync during record and playback. Apollo outputs three customizable views to other monitors (Quad-Split, Camera A, and Camera B)while recording Apple ProRes. Add battery-power and wireless accessories for complete mobility. Apollo’s simple touchscreen interface lightweight compact size make Apollo the Video Assist choice on any shoot.

apollo video assist

Find Out More About Apollo

See it work on the set of USA Network’s Sirens TV Series

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Odyssey7Q+ to Support New Sony PXW-FS7mkII

Odyssey7Q+ to Support New Sony PXW-FS7mkII

The Odyssey7Q+ and Odyssey7Q already support more RAW camera signals than any of device. Today Convergent Design announces that RAW support will also include the new Sony PXW-FS7mkII camera. Support for the camera will be included in the Odyssey RAW Bundle at no additional charge.

“The Odyssey7Q+ already records RAW from more cameras than any other device on the market,” noted Convergent Design President Mike Schell. “When we introduced the lower-priced grouping of RAW support in the Odyssey RAW Bundle at NAB 2015, we pledged to continue to expand to more cameras over time. The FS7mkII is the eleventh camera covered in the Odyssey RAW Bundle, joining the Sony FS5, FS7 and FS700; the Arri Alexa Classic; the Canon C300mkII and C500; the Panasonic VariCam LT; the IO Industries Flare 4KSDI and 2K SDI; and the Indiecam GS2K.”

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Odyssey/Apollo Firmware Patch Release v2016.10.1641

Odyssey/Apollo Firmware v2016.10.1641 is a Patch Release. It is recommended for all users, to update to the latest firmware, v2016.10.1641 to avoid audio issues with firmware v2016.10.1639 released on 10-17-2016

Apollo, 7Q and 7Q+

Titan HD Extract Mode

  • FIXED Audio issue with Titan HD Extract using FSRAW
  • FIXED Audio issue with Titan HD Extract from Video sources (HDMI, 6G etc)

Odyssey7Q/7Q+ Only

  • FIXED audio issue with FSRaw to HD / 2K ProRes
  • FIXED Playback with Varicam LT RAW

Odyssey7, 7Q, 7Q+, Apollo

It is recommended for all users to update to the latest firmware, 2016.10.1641 to avoid audio issues with 2016.10.1639 released on 10-17-2016.

Known Issues

ARRIRAW playback audio on the unit, may have occasional blips, recording is not affected.

See the Firmware Release Notes for additional information

Download Odyssey/Apollo Firmware Patch Release here.

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What Convergent has done with Titan shows the way to capturing all camera angles at once // Red Shark News

What Convergent has done with Titan shows the way to capturing all camera angles at once // Red Shark News

Convergent technology has a very distinctive business strategy that becomes clearer with every passing month. Their Odyssey range of recorder/monitors has been around since early 2013, and when they appeared, we thought they were incredibly significant.

With hindsight, we were right, but not necessarily for the right reasons. It was certainly important to note that they had high quality OLED screens. This was a step beyond anything that their competitors had done then or since. They build quality was impressive. And it was pretty obvious from the price that there was something special inside.

It seems clear now that the processing power of the Odyssey range was and still is huge. The reason we know this is because three and a half years after the range was first released, we’re still seeing software releases that significantly improve the functionality of the devices.

[Full Article: Red Shark News]

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Titan HD Extract, VariCam LT RAW, ProRes Proxy, ARRIRAW 4:3, EDLs and more in Firmware v2016.10...

Titan HD Extract, VariCam LT RAW, ProRes Proxy, ARRIRAW 4:3, EDLs and more in Firmware v2016.10...

Firmware v2016.10 Is a Pretty Big Deal....

With this update our team is bringing Odyssey and Apollo owners something to really get excited about. Titan HD Extract is now available as an upgrade for both Odyssey and Apollo. The Odyssey RAW Bundle now supports Panasonic Varicam LT RAW, we've added the lightweight Apple ProRes Proxy codec, EDL support (Apollo/Titan Live Switching), ARRIRAW 4:3 and a bunch of other features and fixes.

Keeping your firmware up to date is always a good idea and Odyssey/Apollo firmware v2016.10 makes it even better! Visit our website to find out more about the new features and get the latest firmware today!

View Firmware v2016.10 Release Notes here.

Download Firmware here

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