Convergent Design will be releasing Firmware 2016.06, the largest, most comprehensive ever offered by Convergent Design, on Tuesday, 7-June-2016.

Twenty-three new features cover functions for Apollo, Odyssey7Q+, Odyssey7Q, and Odyssey7. Twenty-Two fixes and improvements to current functions also cover the same models. And there are new versions of two free software apps. Detailed release notes are included below. All of these updates are free to the owners of the Apollo and Odyssey products. Convergent Design continues to expand upon a product line first delivered to clients 2.5 years ago, including gifting features that were previously charged upgrades.

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Of the many new features, fixes and improvements, while some were announced at NAB 2016, most are debuting with this announcement. Because this firmware is so expansive, Convergent Design has produced several videos to help illustrate and explain the new functionality. There is an overview of the new functions as well as four short instructional videos detailing specific functions. Additionally, because the functionality of Apollo was dramatically expanded, a new extensive Apollo Tutorial video is also available. These assets are available for linking or embedding.

icon movie[VIDEO] Overview of Apollo/Odyssey Firmware Update v2016.06
Learn about the new features and functionality in this huge update for Odyssey and Apollo.

icon movie[VIDEO] Apollo Tutorial - Firmware v2016.06
Learn about the new features and functionality in this huge update for Odyssey and Apollo.

email apollo chick

email icon double masterApollo Double Master Recording

Double Master Recording Capture files to two SSDs simultaneously for instant backup. Hand one off to production and hold the other for safe keeping.

icon movie[VIDEO] Apollo Double Master Recording
Learn about how Apollo's new Double Master recording function that records your master onto two SSDs simultaneously.

email icon av alignApollo A/V Align

Intermix cameras with different signal latency and keep both audio and video in sync. Mix cameras from different manufacturers and with different signal processing and compensate for their delays in outputting signals.

icon movie[VIDEO] Apollo A/V Align
Learn about how Apollo's new A/V Align feature will save you time & money in production and post. 

email icon 3 2 pulldown3:2 Pulldown Removal

Intermix HD 3:2 Pulldown video cameras with 24p cameras. Mix cameras that output 24p as 1080i60 with embedded 3:2 pulldown and cameras that output 1080p24, all on the fly with matching timecode.

icon movie[VIDEO] Apollo 3:2 Pulldown Removal
Learn about how Apollo's new 3:2 Pulldown Removal feature that allows you to mix 1080i60 and 1080p24 footage. 

email icon dissolveLive Switching Dissolves

Three speeds of dissolves available in live switching. A shortcut button allows alternating between cuts and dissolves for a more professional live edit.

icon movie[VIDEO] Apollo: Live Switching, Cuts and Dissolves
Preview channel has yellow box,live channel has a red box. Choose slow, medium or fast fades to record dissolves into program feed.

email 8 channelEight-Channel Audio

Eight tracks of audio for each SDI video input. Apollo Dual-4K offers up to 16 total audio tracks and Apollo Quad-HD offers up to 32 audio tracks. (All Odyssey models and Apollo)

icon movie[VIDEO] Apollo: Audio
Setting master audio to be used over switched program channel, or choose audio to follow the video switch.

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Odyssey RAW Bundle Free Updates

email icon fs5Sony FS5 RAW

Sony PXW-FS5 RAW Recording Record in CinemaDNG or Apple ProRes. 4K60p, 4K120p Burst, 2K240p. Odyssey provides the most complete support of Sony FS cameras in the industry. (Odyssey7Q/Odyssey7Q+ w/ Odyssey RAW Bundle)

email icon ioiIO Flare 4K RAW

IO Flare 4K RAW Recording Record in CinemaDNG. 4K60p. The only portable RAW recorder for the IO Industries cameras. (Odyssey7Q/Odyssey7Q+w/ Odyssey RAW Bundle)

email 8 channelEight-Channel Audio

Eight-Channel Audio Eight tracks of audio for each SDI video input. Apollo Dual-4K offers up to 16 total audio tracks and Apollo Quad-HD offers up to 32 audio tracks. (All Odyssey models and Apollo)

email software

New Software

CD Apple ProRes Transfer Tool v2.4 (New Version)

For Apollo multitrack files, select which tracks to transfer. Offload a Live-Switch or Quad-Split quickly to give to a client and then later offload all of the files.

icon movie[VIDEO] CD ProRes Transfer Tool v2.4
Learn about the new functionality offered by the newest version of the CD Apple ProRes Transfer Tool.

Detailed Firmware Release Notes
Odyssey/Apollo Firmware v2016.06


Dual-4K/Quad-HD: Multi-Stream Audio Meters

Dual-4K: PiP Left/Right Selection

Dual-4K: 4K60p Apple ProRes Support (Apollo)

Quad-HD: Double Master Recording

Quad-HD: A/V Align

Quad-HD: 3:2 Pulldown Removal Support

Quad-HD: Markers During Record

Quad-HD: Improved Focus Assist Access

Quad-HD Live-Switch: Dissolves

Quad HD Live-Switch: Audio-Follows-Video

Quad-HD Live-Switch: OLED Monitor-Only Switching

Quad-HD Live-Switch: Single-Tap/Double-Tap Switching

Quad-HD Live-Switch: Expanded SDI Monitor Output Options

SDI A Out options in Output menu:

SDI B Out options in Output menu:


Quad-HD Quad-Split: Timecode Burn-In


Odyssey RAW Bundle Grant

Dual-HD Recording

Sony FS5 RAW Support

IO 4K RAW support


8-Channel Audio Support

Focus Assist Noise Reduction

Embedded SDI Record Trigger Pass Through

In/Out Marker Range Limiting


Overlays Output On/Off



Odyssey RAW Bundle


All Devices


CD Apple ProRes Transfer Tool v2.4

CD LUT Utility 1.3

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