Available this October for $1,295, the new Convergent Design Titan option will allow $2,995 Apollo, $1,295 Odyssey 7Q and $1,795 Odyssey 7Q+ monitors and recorders to split a single 4K camera into three separate HD deliverables. With two extractable frames and fullscreen video stream as well as live-switching feed, all four can be captured in Apple ProRes with timecode.

I just used Convergent Design’s touchscreen Odyssey 7Q with the new Canon ME20F-SH for the September issue, hitting stands on September 27th. The menus are incredibly intuitive and easy to navigate and operate. With this functionality, the monitors can be used almost as a multiple-camera setup, especially useful for live events, sports and interviews. It also circumvents some post time while helping the edit to focus on what the camera operator or director may have better context on than an editor down-the-line.

[via HDVideoPro.com]