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Spotmeter: A Great Tool for Odyssey & Apollo Users

Spotmeter: A Great Tool for Odyssey & Apollo Users

One of the many advanced tools built into every Odyssey / Apollo is the Spot Meter. The Spot Meter is a very advanced, yet very easy to use tool for checking levels within video images using the Odyssey or Apollo OLED panel. Spot Meter can be set to display IRE values, 8 Bit or 10 bit values, as desired.

These tools give the operator the ability to precisely verify colors in a given image, check shadow and highlight areas, and even match cameras for multi-camera shoots. This is a very precise tool that allows you to meter down to one specific pixel, or average an area of 64 or 256 pixels. Most importantly, you can quickly check any area of the image, without leaving the Odyssey or Apollo. There is no longer a need to walk into the scene to take a reading.

You can easily set up to 8 points of reference and ensure each subject's face is lit appropriately. Any spot, in any video image can be checked, as it only takes a finger to move a spot to anywhere in the scene.

You can select your choice of spot size, 1 pixel, 8x8 pixels or 16x16 pixels, and you can select modes where 1, 2 or 8 spots may be checked simultaneously on any area of the screen, allowing you to check the values. Spots can be turned off instantly and retain their position when turned back on

The “Compare Two” mode is especially helpful. In this mode, you have two spots to use, and a chart with details for each spot, as well as two Color Swatches. These allow you to instantly check to see if the two spots are evenly lit, and if the colors are precisely the same, which is very important for commercial production.

One of the greatest advantages of the spot meter is the ability to check luminance across an entire image, which enables checking a chroma-key image very easy. Another very important use for Spot Meter is for camera matching. With Odyssey or Apollo, you can check up to four cameras while in Multi-Stream Monitoring mode, or in Multi-Stream Recording mode using the Apollo or Apollo Option. The Odyssey allows you to view two camera sources simultaneously in many recording modes. Spot meter is a great tool and a hidden gem within every Odyssey / Apollo Product.

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