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Multicamera Production
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Titan upgrade lets users split 4K output into 3 streams // RedShark

Titan upgrade lets users split 4K output into 3 streams // RedShark

Convergent Design has just announced Titan, a paid upgrade to its Odyssey 7Q, 7Q+ and Apollo line of external recorders that enables 4K output to be split into multiple windows.

Essentially Titan enables 4K output from any SDI or HDMI camera source to be split into multiple windows through a super-sampling to HD and selecting windowed areas of that image for recording.

This will enable one camera to capture effectively three shots, the original full frame shot and two windowed shots. This will be particularly helpful in interviews. As an example, in the typical two-shot interview, the image can be split into the master shot and then a window for each of the subjects. The operator can switch between shots by simply tapping the screen within the appropriate window. The Odyssey or Apollo will record the switched content as well as ISOs of each window. It will then write a standard EDL to the device’s SSD which can then be used in any NLE.


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