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Convergent Design: $1,000 Price Drop on Apollo // Cinema5D

About two months ago, Convergent Design announced a significant price drop on their popular Odyssey 7Q+ recorder. A couple of weeks later and it seems it is time to administer the same treatment to their flagship product, the Apollo.

Just another price drop

We live in exciting times! Over the last few months, the ability to record with the full potential of your given camera with the help of an external recorder became much more accessible thanks to some generous price drops. Just a month ago, Atomos announced a $500 drop on their Shogun lineup of monitors/recorders. Two weeks earlier, Convergent Design announced a similar price reduction for their Odyssey 7Q+ monitor / recorder. Now, they’ve done it again: for a limited time (until Midnight MST April 30, 2016 to be precise) they are offering a $1,000 saving on their flagship recorder, the Apollo.

[Via Cinema5D]
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Convergent Design grows 4x // CS Business Journal

Convergent Design grows 4x // CS Business Journal

Marija B. Vader // Colorado Springs Business Journal

Convergent Design of Colorado Springs helped produce the movie “Captain Phillips” and continues working with Wheel of Fortune, National Geographic productions, NFL programs and far more.

All from its 14,000-square-foot center off Garden of the Gods Road.

Convergent Design manufactures high-tech recording devices for the film and television industries.

“There’s one very important distinction” between Pat Sajak and himself, said President and CEO Mike Schell, laughing. “We are behind the lens, not in front of the lens.”

Convergent Design’s devices resemble a thick iPad Air. They are attached to television and movie filming cameras to record the action, which is memorialized on a card in the device. From there, the card can be removed and inserted into a computer, where editing and formatting can take place.

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Convergent Design is proud to announce that our products were used in the production of numerous Oscar-nominated productions. Three Best Picture nominees and one Best Cinematography nominee utilized the Gemini 4:4:4 monitor/recorder.

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