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Introducing the Element Series of professional multi-camera recorder/switchers.

Element is the new evolution of multi-camera recorders and switchers by Convergent Design to eliminate time-consuming tasks such as copying multiple media cards, renaming clips, syncing timecode, and transcoding. Element introduces gigabit ethernet, keying, and surface control to it’s multi-camera solutions to enable smarter, faster production workflows.

Easily access media over a network, even while recording, to begin editing, review/quality control, post to social media, backup, and even upload to the cloud. Element replaces the amount of gear necessary, personnel to manage, and time in post production, while making your content readily available locally or globally!

Quad HD Recrding

Quad HD

Element supports 4-channel HD input over HDMI (Element 1 & 2) and SDI (Element 3). Monitor and playback in a multi-view format.


All ISO’s have matching file names and matching timecode, saving you hours data wrangling and in post production editing.


Only one 2.5” Solid State Drive is required to record the four video signals and switched program streams into one file on the drive.

One Codec

No need to transcode disparate codecs as recorded internally from different cameras; Elements record to edit-ready Apple ProRes.

Live Switching


Using the backlit buttons you can easily live switch. Add luma key and simple fade-to-black for a professional, portable production.



Access video clips over a network, even while still recording, for optimal workflow. QC takes, post to social media, backup, or upload to cloud easily.

Giggity Giggity

Gigabit Ethernet

Transfer video clips over gigabit ethernet. Timely and accessible file management brings post closer to production, locally or worldwide.

Luma Keyer

Luma Keyer

Luma Keyer lets you input lower thirds or logo overlays on your program channel over HDMI. M/E engines supported on Element3.

Features & Specs

Designed around the current and future requirements of the industry's top professionals, the Element Series brings together the core features and specs that challenging multi-camera productions demand.

Four-Channel Recording
HDMI Inputs 4-HD 4-HD 2-4K
HDMI Outputs 1-HD 2-HD 2-4K
HD Support
2-Ch Embedded or Analog Audio
Form Factor 4"x7"x1" 4"x7"x1" 4"x9"x2"
Low Power Consumption
Number of SSD Slots 1 1 2
Quad-Split / Program-Out to USB Drive
Network File Transfer (GigE)
Matched Filename/Timecode/CODEC/Start Frame
Synchronized Quad-Split monitor/review
Network Media Access
Jog/Scrub control via rotary knob
Luma Keyer (Lower thirds/Logo Overlays)  
Mix/Effects (M/E) Engines   1 2
4K/UHDp60 Support    
SDI Inputs     4-12G
SDI Outputs     2-12G

Ideal for a Variety of Applications

Save time by consolidating multicamera recording and switching into one simple and powerful device. Live events, episodic television, corporate video, faith broadcasting and more.


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