Sony FS700 Post Production

Apple ProRes

The Odyssey can record in Apple ProRes 422 (HQ), Apple ProRes 422 and Apple ProRes 422 (LT) compressed codecs. This allows for high quality recording while avoiding high data rates of working with uncompressed video.

Native Apple ProRes Support

Adobe CC 2014

Apple FCP X, Aperture

Cineform Studio

Final Cut Pro 7

Black Magic DaVinci Resolve

The Foundry Nuke

Autodesk Smoke

Sony Vegas

FS700 RAW Support (DNG Sequences)

All FS700 RAW recording on the Odyssey is recorded as a 12-bit linear CinemaDNG file. With DNG files, timecode and clip metadata is stored in every frame, as well as in the XML file within each clip. All audio is recorded 48Hz 16 bit Uncompressed WAV audio.

It is important to correctly set the white balance of the camera, as this is baked into the RAW file.

Native CinemaDNG Support

Adobe CC 2014*

Apple FCP X, Aperture

Assimilate Scratch Lab (future update)

Black Magic DaVinci Resolve

*Pending next Adobe CC update.

FS700 RAW: Dealing with RAW Files

Note that FS700 RAW files are Linear, thus the files need a Gamma 2.2 correction in order to look correct. You may notice when you first import your files that they appear very dark before correction.

FS700 Davinci Resolve Import Settings

  1. Right click on the file and select “Edit CinemaDNG Codec Settings”
  2. Then under the CAMERA RAW select be sure CinemaDNG is selected from the drop down menu.
  3. Set the Decode using method to CinemaDNG Default* (Also be sure your project is setup correctly)
  4. Set the White Balance to As Shot
  5. Set the Color Space to Rec709
  6. Set the Gamma to Rec709
  7. Leave Highlight Recovery off
  8. Click Apply

The Media Pool Camera RAW settings are the same as the ones in the color page and these are designed for individual clip adjustment so its better to first set the ‘Project Settings’, ‘Camera RAW’ as you need for the whole project.

Select ‘Project Settings’, ‘Camera RAW’, ‘CinemaDNG’ and make sure the ‘Decode using’ is set to either ‘CinemaDNG Default’ or “Camera Metadata’

The “Camera Metadata’ is the default and the best place to start if you need to change an individual clip with camera RAW.

The Media Pool settings are helpful if you have a mix of different clip types, you can sort by codec, select a group and adjust.

Example LUTs

For your convenience, Convergent Design has generated several example LUTs that can be applied to your RAW footage. Keep in mind these LUTs are an approximation, and may need adjustment depending on your application.

These LUTs are available in the Firmware/Downloads section of the Convergent Design website.

*Also note that using camera metadata or CinemaDNG default is also supported.

To Load 3D LUTs into Davinci Resolve

  1. Select the Project Settings wheel, and navigate to Look Up Tables
  2. Select Open LUT Folder, and copy the included example LUTs into this folder.
  3. Now Select Update Lists
  4. Now in the Media Browser you can right click on your RAW file and select 3D LUT and select the LUT you wish to apply from the list.

Note the following about each CD example LUT, and you should adjust the LUT based on your application.


(Same LUT is recommended with firmware v2.10.141/3.10.100)

This LUT can be applied to view a simulated S-Log2 look based on the RAW recording with the S-Log2 picture profile, also note the image should closely match the internal media.

FS700 FCP X Import Settings

Once you have created a new project be sure to check the following Settings:

  1. Under Final Cut Pro select Preferences
  2. Be sure the Still Images editing duration is set to 0.0.1 Seconds
  3. Select navigate to File and select Import Media
  4. Navigate to the Clips directory, and select the Clip Folder contain your FS700 RAW files.
  5. At this point you can start correcting the files to a 2.2 Gamma using the Color Board.

* Note if you are recording the internal media you can import the matching S-Log2 file, and select Match Color for a close approximation of S-Log2, but will most likely need additional tweaking.

Applies To

Odyssey7Q+, Odyssey7Q, Sony FS RAW Record Option


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