Entering License/Activation Keys

Basic Activation Key (Activate Device)

You will receive a Basic Activation Key when you add/activate a device to your account. This key will bring the unit out of demo mode for full functionality.

Activate your unit by completing the following steps:

  1. Create a free account on this website. (If you are not already registered)
  2. Add the device to your account (an activation key will be provided during this step)
  3. Enter the Activation Key on your device using the steps below

Upgrade License Keys (Purchase or Rental)

When you purchase or rent an Odyssey upgrade you will be provided with a license key which you will enter into your device to unlock the upgrade feature. This key will be displayed upon completion of checkout, sent to you via email and can be viewed in the My Devices section of your account page. License keys can be entered using the steps below.

How to enter a license or activation key into your device

  1. Power on your device
  2. Tap the gear icon
  3. Tap ODYSSEY
  5. If you are activating the unit for the first time then you will tap UNIT, if you are entering an upgrade key tap the type of license key you wish to enter. (Apollo Option/RAW Bundle)
  6. Enter the 16-digit license key using the on-screen keyboard
  7. Allow the unit to restart and activation is complete.

Applies To

Odyssey7Q+, Odyssey7Q, Sony FS RAW Record Option, Canon RAW Record Option, ARRIRAW Record Option, POV RAW Record Option, Apollo Option for Odyssey

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