High Frame Rate (HFR) Recording

The Odyssey7Q and Odyssey7Q+ are capable of recording and processing video at high speeds. With high frame rate (HFR) recording the image can be reach new heights of clarity and smooth motion, or the frames can be played back at standard speeds to create slow motion. High frame rate capabilities are camera system and resolution dependent. The Odyssey7Q+ never “creates” frames, only captures them, so a camera must have an output for a high frame rate in order for the Odyssey to record it.

Some cameras can only output certain frame rates and certain resolutions in a RAW data format. For these cameras, Convergent Design offers the Odyssey RAW Bundle. The Odyssey can capture RAW data, as well as video in DPX and in Apple ProRes. For some RAW data signals, the Odyssey can process the data into video and then record it in Apple ProRes. The Odyssey can do this at frame rates higher than any other recorder or camera available.

While different camera systems output various forms of RAW data, for the most control with the greatest flexibility, RAW data is always the highest quality signal possible. RAW has the most available information from which to derive a desired image. However, all that information comes at a price; RAW data can be huge. It takes up a lot of SSD memory space, which in turn takes a long time to offload onto a computer, which then takes up that same large space on hard drives and lastly requires considerable processing and transcoding into a video format which also takes a great deal of time and more memory.

For many productions, Apple ProRes recording is ideal. It is a high quality video recording that uses a fraction of the memory space of RAW and can be loaded directly into most popular editing systems. Many cameras (including the currently supported FS7 and FS700) offer a LOG form of video that allows for much of the flexibility inherent in the RAW signal. A 4K RAW file is about three times the size of a 4K Apple ProRes (HQ) file for the same number of minutes of material. That’s three times the offload time, three times the computer storage time, and then the equivalent or greater of that offload time spent again processing the material to then be able to edit it. With high speed these differences are heightened as the faster the frame rate the more memory used.

Applies To

Odyssey7Q+, Odyssey7Q, Sony FS RAW Record Option, Canon RAW Record Option, ARRIRAW Record Option, POV RAW Record Option

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