Erika Wireless Mic for Online and Hybrid Meetings

Do you need to have a meeting that includes both online and onsite people?
How can you social distance in a conference room without sacrificing audio quality?
Erika can do that!
The wireless Erika receiver can support up to 12 onsite microphones without complicated electronics or a sound mixer. Each participant can have their own mic and social distance from the other participants while in the same room.

Multiple Mics, Better Audio, Better Social Distancing

Erika’s advanced wireless technology provides 100% room coverage, no matter where you sit, stand, or face because the mic is worn on your shirt. Supporting conference rooms as large as 75×75’, Erika enables every voice to be clearly and naturally heard. No more speakerphone huddles; social distancing is not an issue. Room reconfigurations are a snap. Support up to 12 mics at the same time.

Coverage Comparison Map
Erika worn for livestream

Clear Natural-Sounding Audio With Erika Mic

Erika is normally worn 6” below your chin, for optimal audio quality. Echoes, background and laptop fan noise are minimized. EQ processing improves speech intelligibility while reducing hum & buzz. Audio limiter minimizes overload, while the on-the-shirt location, all but eliminates pops (plosives).

Model of Simplicity

Easy to transport. The USB receiver plugs directly into your PC/MAC. Instant pairing. Auto channel selection. AutoMute virtually eliminates “hot-mic” embarrassments. The receiver even blinks when it’s time to charge your mic.


Ease-of-use has a new name: Erika

Erika Wireless Mic and Receiver
Erika-4: an audio conference system in the palm of your hand

An Audio Conference System In the Palm of Your Hand

Erika-4 packs an entire microphone conference system in the palm of your hand. You get 4 mics, a wireless receiver and USB cable in a hard case, at a total weight of 1.4 oz (40 grams). 60-second, driverless setup and you’re ready for that Zoom meeting or Facebook livestream. Ultra-portable to the max!

Never Lose Audio Quality
With Erika Wireless Mic

The Erika Wireless Mic is designed to be worn on your shirt or placed in a shirt pocket. Erika will have excellent audio quality, even if you move around the room or turn your back on your laptop. This is great for giving presentations to online meeting participants.

use Erika mic with Youtube, Zoom, podcasts

Fluent in Zoom…

OBS, Facebook, Teams, Meet, WebEx, VMix, Audacity, Audition, Premiere, FCP, Vegas, GarageBand, Logic Pro, and any program supporting USB audio at 22.05/44.1 kHz. PC and Mac. Well-spoken.

Designed and Made
in the USA

Colorado Springs, CO