Sony FS700 RAW

Maximize the Performance of the FS700 with the powerful and flexible alternative to Sony's R5 Recorder.

Sony NEX-FS700 RAW Recording with Odyssey7Q+

The Odyssey7Q with Sony FS RAW Record Option Upgrade makes a ‘great’ camera into an ‘AMAZING’ camera by enabling recording of 4K, High Frame Rate (HFR), and even uniquely engineered support for high-quality HD recording.

Take the FS700 to a Whole New Level.


RAW RecordingThe Odyssey integrates with the Sony FS7 and FS700 cameras more than any other monitor/recorder, greatly expanding their abilities. Utilizing the Odyssey RAW Bundle, the Odyssey7Q/7Q+ can record 4K60p RAW and 2K240p RAW. When that is more data than your production allows for, use our SuperSampling Feature to record Apple ProRes from the RAW output. Choose if you want that recorded as 4K, UHD, 2K, UND, or HD. This features gives you superior quality video over the similar internally recorded video, and saves time in post production.

Odyssey can also record a 4Kp120 Burst continuously, giving you long record time over the internal time limitation. Record in RAW, capture it in Apple ProRes (4K & UHD), or SuperSampled to 2K & HD. These resolution, frame rate, and format combinations are not possible on the cameras' internal recording. At HD240p, the FS7/FS700 & Odyssey7Q+ combination is the highest speed Apple ProRes system in the world. Make your camera more than it can be on its own.

Supported Recording Formats

The Sony FS700R (and modified Version 3) cameras can output Sony RAW in 4096x2160 (4K) or 2048x1080 (2K). There is also burst mode to allow brief 4K shooting at up to 120p. All FS7/700 RAW recording on the Odyssey is recorded as 12-bit linear CinemaDNG file. WIth .DNG files, timecode and clip metadata is stored in every frame, as well as in the XML file within each clip. All audio is recorded 48Hz 16-bit uncompressed .WAV audio.

The Sony FS700 RAW Record Option (included with the Odyssey RAW Bundle) will debayer the RAW data and convert it to a 1920x1080 video signal for viewing on the Odyssey’s OLED panel as well as output over the Odyssey's SDI and HDMI ports. The Odyssey will also playback recorded Sony FS700 RAW files, and allow switching between Sony S-log2, REC709 and REC709 (800%) images.

Apple ProResCinemaDNG RAW Recording

  • FS 4K RAW (24, 25, 30, 50, 60fps)
  • FS 2K RAW (24, 25, 30, 50, 60fps)
  • FS 4K RAW to 4K Apple ProRes (24, 25, 30, 50, 60fps)
  • FS 4K RAW to UHD Apple ProRes (24, 25, 30, 50, 60fps)
  • FS 4K RAW to 2K Apple ProRes (24, 25, 30, 50, 60fps)
  • FS 4K RAW to HD Apple ProRes (24, 25, 30, 50, 60fps)
  • FS 2K RAW High Speed to HD Apple ProRes (100, 120, 200, 240fps)
  • FS700 High Speed Burst Mode: 440 frames (100p /4.4s or 120p/3.7s)
  • FS 4K RAW Burst to 4K RAW (100, 120fps)
  • FS 4K RAW Burst to 4K (100, 120fps)
  • FS 4K RAW Burst to UHD (100, 120fps)
  • FS 4K RAW Burst to 2K (100, 120fps)
  • FS 4K RAW Burst to HD Apple ProRes (100, 120fps)

Record High-Speed 4K Apple ProRes

High Speed Apple ProRes

The Sony FS700 RAW Record Option also features a unique RAW-to-video mode, with the ability to record 4K/UHD at 60fps and 2K/HD at 240fps in Apple ProRes 422(HQ), 422 or 422(LT).

4K 60fps2K 240fps

3D-LUT Support

Contributing to the power and versatility of the Odyssey7Q and Odyssey7Q+ is the ability to display and route 3D-LUTs, measured on the Image Analysis Tools and output over HDMI and/or multiple SDI outputs. The Odyssey comes pre-loaded with numerous preset LUTs and additional LUTs are available for download on this website. Custom 3D-LUT files can be created and imported.

Odyssey LUT System Preset LUTs

3D-LUT Support


High-Speed ProRes
FS700 Setup - High Speed
FS7 Setup - RAW/High Speed

Purchase and Rental Options

The Odyssey RAW Bundle for the Odyssey7Q/7Q+ is available as a permanent upgrade license or daily rental. Purchase and rental options now include all available RAW record options.Upon completion of the purchase you will receive an activation key which you enter into the unit in order to activate RAW Record functionality.
NOTE: Purchase or rental keys are specific to the unit by serial number and cannot be transferred from unit to unit.

BUY :: RAW Bundle

Permanent License
Includes Sony FS RAW, Canon RAW, ARRIRAW, Panasonic VariCam LT RAW, POV RAW and future RAW record options.

RENT :: RAW Bundle

Daily Rental
Includes 24-Hour license for all Odyssey RAW Bundle Record Options

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