What is a 3-D LUT?

What is a 3-D LUT?

A 3D LUT is a way of transforming an image, where any set of red, green and blue values at the input map to a different set of red, green and blue values at the output. Unlike a 1D LUT, where a given red value at the input will always map to the same red value at the output (like Curves in Photoshop) with a 3D LUT, the output value in each channel is affected by the input values in all three channels.

When a particular LUT has been used in monitoring on a shoot, the normal practice is to apply that LUT to the dailies, so that the image seen in editorial is the same as the one seen on set. The Odyssey records an XML sidecar file with each clip recorded, and the LUT active when a particular clip was recorded is stored in the <view_lut> tag. This can be used to identify what LUT should be applied to what clips.

The Odyssey monitor/recorder holds a large LUT Library system within it. Open the LUT menu and there awaits a folder containing a number of preset LUTs provided by Convergent Design. Additional folders are available for users to load up to 150 more LUTs.
Click Here to download 3D-LUTs (.CUBE)

The Odyssey allows you to apply a LUT to the image on the OLED display, and independently control whether the LUT is applied to each of the SDI outputs, the HDMI output, and the monitoring tools. Check the log image from your camera and send the image with LUT applied to external monitors.
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