What is the special record format of Apollo?

What is the special record format of Apollo?

Apollo records the multiple video signals in a multitrack QuickTime format specifically designed for multiple synced video and audio signals.  This format is not currently supported natively in any NLEs but Convergent Design is working with all of the major post program manufacturers to add this support.  The current post workflow is to use the CD Apple ProRes Transfer Tool v2.2 to convert the multitrack QuickTime files into matched sets of individual Apple ProRes files for each set of video & audio signals.  Each track is converted to its own Apple ProRes file, with an extension to link the different matched files together.  Each extension is letter A-D to signify to input, or QSLS to signify either Quad-Slip or Live-Switch if this was chosen to also be recorded.  An XML file is also created with the metadata tags for Markers and Notations.

Sample source multitrack QuickTime file:  


Output files from CD Apple ProRes Transfer Tool: