What are Apollo’s monitoring outputs?

What are Apollo’s monitoring outputs?

Apollo has three video outputs, one HDMI and two SDI.

In Quad-HD recording, the HDMI and the SDI A Out ports both always show the
Quad-View as seen on Apollo’s OLED screen. In Live-Switch mode, the SDI B Out
port shows the input selected as PROGRAM channel. In the other Apollo record
modes, SDI B will always show the last input selected on the Lower Toolbar buttons.
These buttons are locked out during recording in the Live-Switch mode.

In Dual-4K recording, all three video outputs show the same view (Picture-in-
Picture or single input) as the OLED.

In all modes, the monitoring outputs can have a LUT applied to them, selectable
from the LUT menu. The HDMI and SDI A Out port can also be set to show the
overlays present on the OLED screen. These overlays include the PREVIEW and
PROGRAM frames in the Quad-HD Live-Switch mode, the Input Names in Quad-HD,
as well as the various monitor tools for focus and exposure.