What audio inputs are available on Apollo?

What audio inputs are available on Apollo?

Apollo records two channels of audio for each video signal (eight channels total).
SDI A/HDMI can be either embedded audio within the SDI or HDMI signal from the
camera, or it can be Analog Audio from the 3.5mm AUDIO INPUT socket near the
bottom right corner of the unit.

1. On the Upper Toolbar, tap the AUDIO STATUS button (far right).

2. Tap the AUDIO SOURCE button to select SDI/HDMI or ANALOG AUDIO.

If Analog Audio is used, the audio will always be recorded to Camera A.
Note that if recording Live-Switch or Quad-View, the SDI A/HDMI audio (either
embedded or analog input) will be used for this recording and embedded in the SDI
B OUTPUT. SDI B, SDI C, and SDI D will always record the two-channel embedded
audio from the SDI stream.