Can LUTs be used with Apollo?

Can LUTs be used with Apollo?

Some video cameras can output a Log signal that flattens the contrast, allowing for the greatest range in exposure and color correction options in post. Apollo includes a number of preset LUTs for various model cameras that apply a standard color correction to the OLED and video outputs for a pleasing image while allowing the Log image to be recorded for later precision color correction. Custom LUTs can also be loaded into Apollo.

On the Lower Toolbar, press and hold LUT.

Note that the QUAD SELECT buttons may be displayed on the Lower Toolbar. If so, press and hold the QUAD button to access the menu. Then select OLED+TOOLS to swap the button controls on the Lower Toolbar 

In the LUT menu, select the appropriate LUT for your cameras. You may also load custom 3D-LUTs that can be created on various color correction programs. Note that a single LUT will be applied to all camera inputs.

The LUT can be routed separately to the OLED screen, the Monitoring Tools as well as the three video outputs (HDMI OUT, SDI A OUT, and SDI B OUT). Press CUSTOMIZE OUTPUTS to select where the LUT will be applied. Note that selecting

MIRROR OLED will also send Monitoring Overlays such as the Monitoring Tools and the Live-Switch reference frames to the selected output.

Apollo has three video outputs, HDMI OUT, SDI A OUT, and SDI B OUT. HDMI OUT and SDI A OUT will always show the Quad-Split view. These outputs can be clean or have the OLED Overlays (Live-Switch reference lines and Monitoring Tools) appear using the LUT control even if no LUT is applied. 

  1. On the Upper Toolbar, press the INPUT/OUTPUT STATUS button.
  3. Press CUSTOMIZE SDI A, CUSTOMIZE SDI B, and CUSTOMIZE HDMI to select LUT ON, LUT OFF, or MIRROR OLED. SDI B will never show OLED Overlays.

Note that these controls are mirrored in the CUSTOMIZE OUTPUTS controls in the LUT menu.