Introducing the

Erika Wireless USB Mic

Goodbye complex.

Legacy Bodypack Wireless Mic

Hello simple.

Erika Wireless USB Mic

Ultra-Miniature Wireless Mic

Fully integrated, all-in-one design: mic + battery + transmitter. Featherweight with amazing battery life. No bodypack, wires, buttons, menus, AA batteries, or setup. No intrusive “mic-ups”. Simple magnetic attachment. Just pick-up to power-up. Never wired.

Side by Side Comparison

Lavalier Mic

Erika Mic

Music to Your Ears

Audio quality equal to the best-wired USB mics. Reduces laptop fan noise and echoes. No pop filters required. Consistent audio quality, even as you walk around your office/studio or turn your back to the class.  

English Male Voice*
English Female Voice*
Music Example*

*Audio recordings using Erika without any post-processing or enhancements.
For critical listening, please download the audio file and use headphones

Freedom of Speech

Free from being chained to your wired USB mic. Free from laptop fan noise and echoes. The Erika mic does not block your face while the receiver has a small desktop footprint. You’re free to move about and express yourself.

Model of Simplicity

Easy to transport. The USB receiver plugs directly into your PC/MAC. Instant pairing. Auto channel selection. AutoMute virtually eliminates “hot-mic” embarrassments. The receiver even blinks when it’s time to charge your mic. Ease-of-use has a new name.

Get Your Sound Together

Laptop audio is so unprofessional. Fan noise, echoes and inconsistent volume distorts your message. Erika provides clear natural-sounding audio even from the other side of the room with your back turned away from the board.

Laptop Audio Compared to Erika Audio

Fluent in Zoom…

OBS, Facebook, Teams, Meet, WebEx, VMix, Audacity, Audition, Premiere, FCP, Vegas, GarageBand, Logic Pro, and any program supporting USB audio at 22.05/44.1 kHz. PC and Mac. Well-spoken.

Works Solo or Team Player

Worn solo for content creation, webinars, live-streaming, podcasts. Or as a conference table mic for online meetings with 2-4 participants.

Designed and Made in the USA


Erika is a Sound Investment

Designed to provide many years of trouble-free, reliable operation, offering a great return on your investment. Erika won’t grow stale, as new features are planned via firmware updates. It only gets better with time.