Making Virtual Events Real with Erika
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Conferencing & Live-Streaming Solutions

Erika System

Experience face to face conferencing with Erika AI.

Seemlessly keeping the focus on the presentor.

Individual Close-Up Views

Erika shows individual views

Each participate (Up to 20) can now enjoy their own
individual camera and mic. An industry first!

woman holding Erika microphone

Multiple “Cameras” from One
4K Image

Select up to 5 virtual cameras from each 4K camera, with face-tracking & name overlay. Fast voice-activated switching, without the PTZ mechanical lag, facilitates a far more natural dialog.

conference using Erika

Individual Mic Control

Erika wireless mics are placed near each participate. Individual mic-mute and solo-mode block interruptions. Automatic level control eliminates voice strain. Localized mics reduces echoes and reverb. Configurable as a table-top or worn.

Erika mic control panel

Erika’s Open Architecture Supports Best-In-Class Cameras

Video-bars & PTZ cameras typically use small-sensors, limiting quality while adding noise. Large 4K cameras offer great close-up video, especially in low-light environments. Erika supports a variety of 4K DLSR/Mirrorless cameras.

Open architecture pic

Multiple “Cameras” from One 4K Image

Erika AI supports 1 to 20 wireless mics, and 1 to 4 4K-cameras. Overcome the limitations of video bars, by simply adding more cameras and/or mics as your needs grow.

Reconfiguration is a breeze. The entire system, less the monitors, fits in backpack. Setup in a couple of minutes.

Super easy to set up



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