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The Erika Wireless Microphone System

1 to 20 Microphones

Livestream From Anywhere
– Great For Podcasts
Online Meetings

Woman wearing black Erika mic

Meet Erika – The World’s Best Wireless Microphone

Erika: A Sound Investment

Erika used on a Zoom call

Worn just below your chin, Erika provides superior audio quality over speaker-phones, laptop/cellphone mics. Echoes and background noise are minimized.

Just tap the mic to join a meeting. You’re free to walk about the room.

Victoria Aguilar sings the American National Anthem through Erika.
Native audio w/o editing or enhancements.

Dynamic Switching*

Dynamic Switching with an Erika wireless microphone system

Dynamic switching supports up to 20 mics to the same receiver, without additional hardware. The system continuously evaluates the audio level from all mics; enabling one mic, while temporarily muting all others.

Beyond supporting multiple mics to one receiver, dynamic switching blocks the noise, combing and echoes from “open” mics, while dramatically reducing the wireless traffic compared to analog wireless mics.

*Patent Pending Technology

Auto Pairing

Auto Pairing with Erika mic

One Erika mic works for both business and personal use. Auto pairing allows the same Erika mic to be connected to different receivers w/o complex setup. So the same Erika mic can be used at your home office as well as the corporate conference room. Or a business Zoom call as well as a little league livestream.

Always in Control

Erika control console

Using the Erika app you can admit new participant(s), mute mics, name mics, check audio and battery levels, lock to a single mic, update the firmware and much more. PC & Mac.

Erika+ Wireless Receiver
(Coming Q4 2021)

Erika Wireless Receiver

New wireless receiver with analog and USB audio. Compatible with current Erika mics. Simultaneous support for local and remote (livestream) audiences. Balanced audio out (XLR) feeds directly in house audio or powered speakers. Seamless upgrade.