About Us

Convergent Design

Convergent Design is a 20-year-old entrepreneurial company, founded in Mike Schell’s basement. Over time the firm has expanded and is now located in a 14,000 square foot facility in beautiful Colorado Springs.  Product design, manufacturing and customer support are all housed in this one location. Convergent Design remains one of the few electronics firms that can boast “Made in America”.

Convergent Design is well known in the content creation market for the highly prized family of on-camera professional video recorders, including Flash XDR, nanoFlash, Gemini 444, Odyssey7Q+ and the quad-channel Apollo. These recorders are used worldwide, in television production, commercials, documentaries and big screen movies. Credits include “60 Minutes”, “Jeopardy”, “Captain Phillips”, and “Godzilla”, among many others. Over 20,000 Convergent Design recorders have been delivered in the last 10 years, most are still in use today.

After a successful run in the on-camera recorder market, Convergent Design made a strategic shift about 2 years ago into wireless microphones.  The on-camera market was slowly declining as camera manufacturers integrated many of the advanced recording capabilities into their products. On-camera recorders were simply no longer needed for most applications.

Starting with a clean sheet design, Convergent took a truly innovative path to the development of wireless mics. Eliminating the age-old body-pack and associated under-the-shirt wires was placed at the top of the list.  Ease of use was a design mantra throughout the project. Our engineering team is driven by a simple philosophy: “Good engineering is knowing what to leave out”.

 With the introduction of our first wireless mic Erika, we feel we have met and exceeded our innovation goals. Erika is half the size of its nearest competitor, 10X more power efficient and half the weight. All this without sacrificing range (300 feet) and while setting a new industry standard for battery life at 24-hours.

We’re just getting started in the wireless mic market. Look for more amazing product introductions as well as firmware updates to Erika in the coming months and years.